Event Recap: Bourbon 101 Class August 3rd 2016

The bourbons (and a rye and a white dog) as well as their flavor profiles from the August 3rd Bourbon 101 Class and tasting at Cork & Barrel:

Larceny –
Solid bourbon for the money. Complex flavor profile due to the inclusion of select older barrels in each batch. Wheated mash bill which means light on the spice and gentler on the palate.

Buffalo Trace White Dog Wheated Mash –
Technically ‘pre-bourbon’ new spirit. Because there’s no barrel influence it’s easy to detect the flavors of the individual grains: corn, wheat and malted barley.

Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut – 
Uniquely made by vacuum-sucking liquid from deep in the wood and adding it to their tradition bourbon. Very easy to taste the wood character.

Bulleit Rye – 
Ok, not a bourbon but a rye whiskey. At 95% rye grain (and 5% malted barley), it’s heavy on spice – black pepper especially.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked –
Ever had a dessert bourbon? Secondary maturation in a heavily toasted barrel makes this spirit sweet, smooth and buttery. Many a non-bourbon drinker has taken home this bottle.

Amador Double Barrel –
Kentucky bourbon transferred into California wine barrels. It’s the best of both words and very smooth especially with a little bit of ice.