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Photo of Tim Knittel
Tim Knittel Founder of Distilled Living
Photo of Hilary Baumann
Hilary Baumann Partner & Production w/ Distilled Living & Founder of
Photo of Aften Locken
Aften Locken Presenter, Sales
Photo of Ed Comfort
Ed Comfort Presenter
Photo of Shell Rapier
Shell Rapier Presenter
Photo of Nick Laracuente
Nick Laracuente Bourbon Archeologist (currently unavailable for booking)
Photo of Tom Wilmes
Tom Wilmes Presenter, Writer
Photo of Steve Coomes
Steve Coomes Presenter, Author

Specialties: Country Ham, Bourbon, Tequila
Short bio

Photo of Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan Presenter
Photo of Josh England
Josh England Production Manager w/
Photo of Abbey Lile-Taylor
Abbey Lile-Taylor Sales & Event Facilitator with Distilled Living & Production Specialist w/
Photo of Chandler Whitaker
Chandler Whitaker Sales & Event Facilitator
Qwenton Briggs Virtual event moderator
Amy Comfort Virtual event moderator
Andrew French Presenter

Specialty: Scotch
Short bio

DJ Martinez Virtual event moderator
Photo of Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan Virtual event moderator
Photo of Jordan Ryan
Jordan Ryan Presenter
Medrena Wand Virtual Event Moderator
Ashley Wilmes Virtual Event Moderator
Morgan Wilson Virtual Event Moderator