Distilled Living Facebook Page hacked

Distilled Living effectively does not currently have a Facebook page.

On September 15, 2023, Tim Knittel’s Facebook account was hacked and the hackers gained access to the Distilled Living Facebook page removing Hilary from the business manager & demoting Tim. Because out of town events were in process, the paperwork required to file a dispute could not be collected immediately.

We were only able to post to the Facebook page via the Instagram connection for awhile after that.

Facebook / Meta willingly allows hackers to retain control of business pages despite proof of business ownership citing policies that make recovery “out of scope.”

Proof of business ownership as well as every other piece of information requested was provided to Meta / Facebook over 14 days ago and they have chosen to close the support ticket.

Thanks for your patience. Our internal teams have completed the investigation and as the issues has happened externally, Meta is not authorized to remove any pages as per Data Protection policies. We can try to recover the access back and restore the pages, but if they are already claimed by other BMs, then it is out of scope for us. We have recovered the access back for the admin's profile but we regret to inform you we are unable to provide any more support on this as per user data security and privacy.

Please help us improve by taking a few minutes to complete a brief survey about your experience with us. You'll receive an email with a link to our survey shortly. We have marked your case as resolved, but if you continue to experience issues or have any questions you can reopen this case. We're happy to help.

Thank you for contacting Meta Support Pro. We wish you and your business well. Have a good day ahead of you!

We have started the process of having the Distilled Living Facebook page removed as a violation of copyright.

If you get anything weird from that account, ignore it (or let us know by email, NOT DM.)

Having read dozens of articles and scoured the various social media manager groups this is not an uncommon experience. Securing Tim’s personal account was fast and easy. The business page recovery process is verging on hostile especially given how many support pages link to dead pages and non-existent chat support.

Please make note of our website for the most up to date information & social media locations. We are in the process of making massive changes to it as well.

An aside: we have zero expectations from Twitter as well & thus had already removed them from our social media marketing strategy even though we continue to maintain and check an account there.

We will update this post if anything changes.