Review: Angel’s Envy

While not the first ‘bourbon finished,’ Angel’s Envy is definitely the dominant in the category. That can probably be equally attributed to clever naming, beautiful package design and Lincoln Henderson’s industry knowledge.

It’s fun to talk about the name: the idea is that the spirit that evaporates from the barrel is called the ‘Angel’s Share,’ so this is the liquid left behind … that the angels envied us for keeping. That’s the marketing line, anyway.

Like most other finished bourbons, Angel’s Envy sources their bourbon from multiple Kentucky distilleries then finishes it themselves in port wine barrels. It’s very small batch – they claim just 8 to 10 barrels at a time.

But – their own distillery is up and running and will be open to the public starting Nov. 19, 2016!

All of that necessitates a few disclaimers about this review:

  1. Very small batch means there’s more variety between releases. Your pour might not taste exactly like mine did.
  2. Once they’re bottling their own bourbon the flavor will likely change.

Nose: Dry wood and grains, especially malt and corn. A hint of sweet caramel and cherries.

Palate: Equal parts grain, wood, dried stone fruit and bitter tannins.

Finish: Short, chalky and bitter with smoke, cherries and black currents.

Verdict: This is a very popular product as evidenced by the low level left in the bottle in the picture. But it’s not one I’d personally reach for.