Hot Toddies for Cold Nights

Article written by Tim Knittel for Drink



In case you’d like to use a spirit other than bourbon in your hot toddy, Distiller has put together a top-10 list for you:

Oh, what’s that? You do want bourbon and need a recommendation? As I mentioned in the article, the darker and higher proof the better. Defer to older bourbons over younger. A small batch bourbon like Knob Creek, Russell’s Reserve or Woodford Reserve will be excellent. Anything in the 10-year range like Elijah Craig Small Batch[link], Eighteen 33[link] or Bulleit 10-year is good, too. An exception to the ‘older is better’ rule: Hartfield & Co. bourbon is aged in 5.8 gallon micro-barrels and has an intensity that stands up well to dilution and sweetener.


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