Evan Williams Honey Reserve

Review: Evan Williams Honey Reserve

Reviewed as part of my participation on Distiller.com‘s Tasting Table. You can see my official tasting notes and rating plus enter your own using the website or Distiller app.

This one has pretty much the same description as all of the other bourbon honey liqueurs: “Kentucky liqueur made with extra-aged bourbon infused with real honey.”

Color: Pale yellow. It reminds me of a watered-down light beer.

Nose: Sweet as candy with overtones of gasoline and menthol.

Palate: An imbalance of sickly sweet, artificial heat (think diluted Red Hots) and a weird herbal character. There’s a strange fake fruity-floral note throughout.

Finish: Uncomfortably long and cloying sweet.

Verdict: Evan Williams Honey Reserve is gross. There’s nothing enjoyable about it.