Amador Double Barrel Whiskey

Review: Amador Double Barrel

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With the explosion of finished bourbons on the market, it’s hard to find a unique selling point. Amador came up a pretty clever one – the 38th latitude:

Amador Double Barrel Description
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I don’t think there’s much legitimacy to the idea that the 38th latitude is particularly special, but at least it’s a differentiation point.

Production: Sourced Kentucky bourbon given second maturation in Napa wine barrels; presented at 80.8 proof; no age statement.

Color: Bourbon brown with a ruby tint.

Nose: Light with noticeable ethanol. Some dark fruit notes including cherry and blackberry plus oak, vanilla and a little spice.

Palate: Grain and oak forward with subtle sweetness. The fruit and spice notes from the nose are still present. The spice is a little easier to differentiate as cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.

Finish: Long, primarily oak – both toasted and charred – plus the grain and spice. The fruit is lost by the finish but a chocolate note emerges.

Verdict: Amador Double Barrel is very drinkable. Too grainy to be a spectacular bourbon but for $40-50 it’s quite nice.