Evan Williams Black

Review: Evan Williams Black

After the recent passing of Parker Beam, I thought it fitting to do a review of one of his products. Then I realized that somehow – through no intention of my own – I’d never had his best-selling bourbon, Evan Williams Black. And it’s usually in the #2 spot for bourbon sales!

Now there’s a lot of marketing B.S. around this product (“Evan Williams Black is 86 proof and aged far longer than we are required to by law.” Uh, there’s no minimum) but I want to set all that aside and look exclusively at the product Parker put in the bottle.

Production: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey; 78% corn, 10% rye, 12% malted barley; barrel char #3 or #4; presented at 86 Proof.

Color: Light straw.

Nose: Light with oak, smoke, caramel and spice.

Palate: Easy on the tongue with significant corn, strong smoke, vanilla and light caramel.

Finish: Medium to short with corn, oak and caramel.

Verdict: It’s not the most complex, sweetest, smoothest or most enjoyable bourbon in the world, but for $10-15 a fifth it’s exceptional. It’s an easy drinking, easy sharing bourbon.

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