Fish Hawk Sui Generis Conquistador 1513

Review: Fish Hawk Spirits Sui Generis Conquistador 1513

Reviewed as part of a sample exchange with Jake Gregory of Bourbon Sippers. Thanks Jake!

I couldn’t find much information about this whiskey on-line. The image above is from the TTB label application.

Production: According the back label, it’s “made with Florida grown raw and smoke oats” then “distilled and infused with charred American Oak chips.”

Color: Pale amber.

Nose: Creamy and buttery, almost reminiscent of chocolate ice cream. Additional aromatics of oak, smoke, vanilla and malt.

Palate: Immediately smokey leaning toward ashy. Some sweetness, butteriness and vanilla. Mild and easy drinking.

Finish: Short.

Verdict: Like the Siren Song, it’s probably worth buying a glass at a bar to support the folks at the Fish Hawk.

(Some) more about Fish Hawk Spirits at their website: