“Tour Talks” with Abe Owen WVLK 590AM • July 29th 2017

Had a great time at Cumulus’s WVLK radio show “Tour Talk with Abe Owen.”

? Airs/aired Saturday at 2:30pm (July 29, 2017).

OR We were given permission to upload the file for you to listen to here! (Note that this file is compressed for faster downloading.)

This episode we discuss bourbon & tourism with:
Horse & Barrel Tours • Distilled Living • Venues of The Grand Reserve • Bluegrass Catering

Tim talked about what it means to be a “Bourbon Steward” and the tastings he’s doing with Horse & Barrel Tours as well as those at the Venues of The Grand Reserve.

L to R in the photo: Abe Owen, Tim Knittel, Jill Bakehorn, Jeff Phillips, Kelly King Bakehorn