Wild Turkey Spiced Bourbon Liqueur

Review: Wild Turkey Spiced

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Did you know Jimmy Russell takes credit for making the first bourbon liqueur with the 1970’s Wild Turkey honey-infused spirit? I don’t think he can take credit for the ‘spiced bourbon’ idea; as has been mentioned elsewhere, this is basically the bourbon take on spiced rum.

Production: From the bottle: “A bold blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Spice & Other Natural Flavors.” Presumably, the bourbon is Wild Turkey at least 2 years old. Maybe older, they don’t disclose. (Side note: there are basically no laws about what a producer can put into a “whiskey flavored” or other type of liqueur …)

Color: It looks pretty much like a dark bourbon, except the legs drip as slow as molasses (or high fructose corn syrup) in January.

Nose: A little hot. Kind of reminds me of fake maple syrup on pancakes for some reason. There’s maybe some spice in there under all of the sugar.

Palate: It really has more of a sweet oak/maple syrup thing going on than anything ‘spiced.’ There’s corn, a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and a fake vanilla flavor. It’s very sweet, as you would expect. There’s not much depth to it.

Finish: Short and sweet. For 86 proof – which is high for a liqueur – it has very little burn. Not much flavor, though, either.

Verdict: Meh. For a ‘spiced’ bourbon it could really use more spice. I’ve had spicier Four Roses bottlings.