Jim Beam Honey

Review: Jim Beam Honey

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Yet another copy of the original Wild Turkey Honey. Jim Beam Honey is presented at 70 proof and is described as “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Infused with Real Honey and Liqueur.”

Infused with liqueur? I don’t understand what that means at all. If someone could explain it to me, I’d be grateful.

Color: Pale, like a light whiskey.

Nose: Strikingly awful. It smells like burning plastic and rubber. “Real honey”? Sure … maybe a touch. But it’s mostly fake flavoring. There’s a weird mint note, too.

Palate: The flavor’s not too bad, especially after the nose. It’s too sweet but better than some other whiskey liqueurs. There’s noticeable bourbon in there and distinct vanilla, charred oak, and a touch of real honey. But there’s a pervasive cloying fake sweetness and artificial texture that’s highly off-putting.

Finish: For something so sweet, it doesn’t have much.

Verdict: Skip it. Way too fake.