Today in Bourbon: Booker’s Price Hike Cut • Making Objects Better with Whiskey • 2016 Parker’s Heritage Collection Review

That was quick. The 66% price hike on Booker’s is getting scaled back. Fred Minnick broke the news:

Beam Suntory Backtracks on Booker’s Pricing

And here’s a commentary situated on the same contrarian side of the tracks as mine:

The Booker’s Bourbon Price Increase

(from Adventures in Whiskey)

I’ve updated my original post with this new information. Still sticking with my unicorn theory:

Making Unicorns: Why $100 Booker’s Will be Good for Jim Beam

Here’s a cool article from the Whiskey Jug on objects made with whiskey. Half of them were new to me.

10 Everyday Objects Made Better With Whiskey

And the review of the day is the 2016 Parker’s Heritage Collection #10 from The Bourbon Scout. I find it interesting that we’re starting to see reviews recognizing a divide between enthusiast and causal bourbon consumers.