Today in Bourbon: Blanton’s Blind Tasting from Sweden • Inside Old Pogue • Veach at Jack Rose • KY Bourbon Affair First Look


Blanton’s Blind Tasting

From Erik Hasselgärde, persistently attempting to improve Sweden-U.S. relations through bourbon whiskey. You will envy him by the end of the article. (Two Gold bottles? Really?)


Old Pogue Distillery

An in-depth look at the persistent little distillery way out in Maysville, KY. Richard Thomas went into a lot of fascinating history about the family and the brand.

Old Pogue Is Expanding, But Not Fast Enough For Fans


“Jack Rose Dining Saloon: America’s Premier Whiskey Bar”

Michael Veach explains why the famous D.C. bar has an extremely unfair competitive advantage. He also explains why they’re so awesome and score an 11. (I think the scale might actually only go to 10.)

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: America’s Premier Whiskey Bar


First Look at the Kentucky Bourbon Affair events!

They’re starting to trickle in. Try not to drool on your keyboard.