Review: Hartfield & Co. Wheated Bourbon

Review sample provided by Hartfield & Co. Thanks H&C!

A very limited release from Hartfield & Co. in Bourbon County, Kentucky. (My sample came from the last bottle!) Currently only available by the drink at the Prichard & Bail bar inside the Hartfield & Co. Distillery.

Production: 80% corn, 20% malted wheat. Column distilled to ~115-120 proof, barrel entry at ~117-118 proof into a 5.3 gallon micro barrel. Aged approximately six months.

Color: Dark, golden amber.

Nose: Intensely toasted grains opening to sweets, vanilla, cotton candy, heavy banana bordering on plantain, raw coconut and trace of bubblegum.

Palate: Strikingly cooling. As in, the opposite of hot. It’s the first bourbon I’ve ever had with that quality.

Starts with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, vanilla wafers, butter and hint of herbaceous – especially tobacco, mint and eucalyptus.

Finish: Medium length, grainy and heavy with dark chocolate. Spices build over time, especially cinnamon clove and coconut. A touch of ash emerges late as does a slight red-hot cinnamon note, which strongly contrasts the cooling of the palate.

Verdict: It won’t be to everybody’s taste because it’s so far outside of standard bourbon or even whiskey. But it’s delicious. Worth trying a glass of at least once. You’ll probably want to get a bottle after you try it.

More about Hartfield & Co. and Prichard & Bail at their website: