Crazy Cabin Fever Cocktails – Day 14 – March 28, 2020

Ready for Sunday Brunch?
Hair of the (White) Dog Mimosa, Easy Bourbon(ish) Bloody Mary + Virgin versions (recipes below video)

Crazy Cabin Fever Cocktail Series with Distilled Living –
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Hair of the (White) Dog Mimosa
In tall glass or flute:
• 1 to 2 oz Bourbon or near-Bourbon (we used Buffalo Trace White Dog)
• Orange + sparkling
We used San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange, but orange juice and sparkling water or club soda or sparkling white wine works, too!

Mocktail Mimosa:
Orange juice + sparkling water or soda

Easy Bourbon(ish) Bloody Mary
In 16 oz glass:
• Fill 3/4 with ice
• 1 – 2 oz whiskey (we used Billy Goat Strut North American Whiskey)
• Fill with Bloody Mary mix (we used Uncle Dougie’s Rich N’ Mild)
Stir, insert straw and garnish (we used a celery stick and piece of bacon).

Virgin Mary:
Just leave out the booze!

AND the Bloody Mary recipe we haven’t tried yet for the base (we’ll update this and make any adjustments when we’ve tried it)
• 1 can diced or crushed tomatoes
• 2-4 dashes / 1/8 oz Worcestershire sauce (Bourbon Barrel Foods makes an amazing one)
• 1 oz lemon juice
• 1-2 strips roasted red pepper (this will add some vinegar as well)
• 1 dash paprika & 1 dash of chili peppers OR your favorite hot sauce
• 1/8 tsp celery seeds if you have them or salt
• 1/8 tsp black pepper
Use a stick blender or food processor to blend. You may want to reduce the tomatoes on the stove top a bit first.

* Most of these products were bought with our own money but a few may have been distillery samples … we’ve lost track a bit on the things that were added to the cabinet years ago. We’re going to start marking them because sometimes we also buy something again after getting a sample. This post is not a paid promotion.