Scott/Bourbon Counties Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser • Bluegrass Distillers Bourbon Barrel Pick

Virtual Bourbon tasting will be June 26, 2020 at 7pm EST

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Bluegrass Distillers’ will donate $20 of every bottle sold to Scott/Bourbon Co Habitat for Humanity

Bottles will be available for pick-up until June 20th. Please visit their website for an updated list of hours & pickup details.

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Tasting notes for this barrel pick:
Nose – Strong and nicely complex. Primarily barrel-forward with sweet barrel character and char/smoke. Distinct citrus zest and spice including nutmeg and clove. Opens to corn, brine/saltiness, more citrus, marshmallow and dark cherry.
Palate – Barrel sweet taste but balanced against a dry wood and leather mouthfeel. Strong secondary woods including maple, cedar and aspen plus toasted marshmallow.
Finish – Long and heavily spicy! Nutmeg, clove and black pepper plus pecan nuttiness and a surprising banana note. Good warmth with low burn.