St. Patrick’s Day Old Fashioned Recipe – 2022

St. Patrick’s Day Old Fashioned – 2022 cocktail kit


  • Dissolve 2-3 sugar packets with water to make simple syrup
  • Add 1.5 oz Bourbon
  • 1 dash bitters (6 drops aromatic Scrappy’s bitters)
  • 1 cap mint chocolate extract
  • Add cocktail cherry on skewer/stir

St. Patrick’s Day Old Fashioned Kit includes:

  • Sugar packets for 4 drinks
  • Scrappy’s Mini aromatic bitters bottle
  • Goodman’s Mint Chocolate Extract
  • Metal stir stick
  • 4 Festive Shamrock skewers
  • 2 packets cocktail cherries (4 total)

Our St. Patricks Day Old Fashioned Kit is available through select fulfillment partners exclusively for our guided virtual bourbon tastings. Please inquire for a virtual tasting to find out more!