Press Release: “Bluegrass Spirits” Movie Starring Jake Busey to Premiere Thursday, Sept 28


First Feature Film Set and Filmed in the KY Bourbon Industry
to Headline New “Twelve Lions Film Festival” in Lexington, KY

Bourbon Technical consulting by Tim Knittel of Distilled Living

Lexington, KY – September 20, 2023

The independent film “Bluegrass Spirits,” starring Jake Busey, is set to premiere on Thursday, September 28. This character-driven drama offers a heartfelt and authentic lens into the worlds of bourbon distilling and ghost-hunting in Kentucky. Bourbon expert Tim Knittel provides technical consulting to ensure the film’s accurate portrayal of the iconic spirit.

About “Bluegrass Spirits” – The film dives into the life of a recovering alcoholic who owns a failing bourbon distillery. When he meets a ghost-hunter, their contrasting views on belief and skepticism come to a boiling point. As the characters explore haunted grounds, the story unfolds into a humorous yet touching narrative that confronts their personal “ghosts.”

The Bourbon Connection – This indie film pays close attention to the world of bourbon, thanks to technical consulting from bourbon expert Tim Knittel. His contributions ensure that the audience not only gets an engaging story but also a genuine portrayal of the complexities of bourbon production and culture. Additionally, majority filming took place at the Hartfield & Co. Distillery in Paris, KY.

Meet the Writer/Director: Jonny Walls – Raised in Kentucky and recently returned to the Bluegrass after 11 years in  LA, Jonny Walls brings deep insight into “Bluegrass Spirits.” His previous films, including “Couch Survivor” and “All About the Afterglow,” have showcased his skill as a writer, director, and editor.

About Jake Busey – Jake Busey, a versatile actor with roots in Southern California’s sunny beaches and worldwide film sets, has a career spanning decades and genres. From his early start at age 5 in “Straight Time” to notable roles in films like “Contact” and “Starship Troopers,” Jake has proven his range and talent. After taking some time away to explore other interests like directing and music, he returned to the screen with impactful performances in shows like “Justified” and “Stranger Things.” A modern-day Renaissance man, Jake’s passions extend beyond acting to pursuits like desert racing and flying planes.

About Tim Knittel – Tim Knittel is the founder of Distilled Living, the largest independent Bourbon and spirits education & experiences company with a focus on premium and luxury events. Formerly, he was the VIP hospitality manager for the Woodford Reserve Distillery and currently holds the titles of Adjunct Professor of Bourbon Studies at Midway University and Official Bourbon Ambassador of Churchill Downs.

Premiere Details

The movie premiere is headlining the inaugural “Twelve Lions Film Festival” hosted at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington, KY on Thursday, Sep 28, 2023. 

The evening will begin with a reception at 7:00pm with the showing at 8:00pm.
A Q&A session featuring Jonny Walls and Tim Knittel will follow the screening.

The premiere is FREE and open to the public, and no reservations are required.
Public seating is on a first-come basis or via online ticket reservation.
Press seating reservations are available.

Additional Information

Bluegrass Spirits has a runtime of 1 hour 41 minutes and is not rated by the MPAA,
but due to adult language and alcohol use, viewing is recommended for mature audiences only. 

It will be available on-demand streaming on various platforms within a few weeks of the premiere.

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Trailer is available at:  

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For press inquiries including seating reservations or free streaming access please contact:

Tim Knittel 859-338-6681 team@distilled-living.com 

Both Jonny Walls and Tim Knittel are available for interviews for podcasts and other interviews. 

Mark your calendars for September 28 to catch this poignant film that delves into belief, self-discovery, and the rich culture of Kentucky.

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