Strawberry Summer Refresher Cocktail – 2023

The Strawberry Summer Refresher Kit includes:

Everything (except the glass & ice) to make a delicious summery cocktail. Add this to any Bourbon OR Tequila order. Kit includes:

  • Lime Juice Packets
  • Gourmet Gustus Vitae Strawberry Sugar
  • Metal stir stick
  • Cocktail rimming tray

Serves up to 4 drinks per kit!

Our Cocktail Kits are available through select fulfillment partners exclusively for our guided virtual bourbon tastings.
Please inquire for a virtual tasting to find out more!

Available for Event dates April – August

Guests bring:

  • ice
  • Rocks glass
  • Margarita glass (or second rocks glass)

Cocktail Process:

  1. Add a splash of water to empty glass, add about a tablespoon of strawberry sugar, stir
  2. Add 2 lime packets and stir
  3. Taste
  4. If not sweet enough, add more strawberry sugar to taste (stir & taste)
  5. Add Bourbon or Tequila and stir
  6. Add ice from other glass and stir

Build rimmed glass:

  1. Pour a small amount of water into cocktail rimming tray
  2. Dip lip of the empty glass into water, rotate glass to wet 50% of lip
  3. Empty water from the rimming tray into the cocktail you have made (if there’s not a sink within 2 feet)
  4. Add a small amount of strawberry sugar to the cocktail rimming tray
  5. Dip wet lip of the empty glass into strawberry sugar and rotate to coat
  6. Transfer cocktail into your rimmed glass