Today In Bourbon: learning the work of making bourbon • two reviews of Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016 • O.F.C. auction season has begun • the 2016 bourbon retrospection


The folks at spent a day working at Whiskey Acres Distilling Co. to learn how bourbon gets made. It’s a lengthier article, but covers the process pretty well.

(P.S. You don’t have to go to Illinois for this type of experience. Hartfield & Co. has a “Day as a Distiller” tour package: )

We Worked In A Distillery To Make Your Bourbon


Two reviews of Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016 crossed my desk at about the same time … what’s striking is how different they are.



Review: Yellowstone Limited Edition 2016


The Lexington Humane Society auctioned a bottle of O.F.C. 1980 for $8,000. Interestingly, the opening bid was from an anonymous buyer at $8,000.

You weren’t the anonymous buyer? Never fear – the Paducah Bourbon Society is opening an O.F.C. for you to taste! Date is Feb. 25 – details coming soon.

ATTENTION BOURBON ENTHUSIASTS!**UPDATE: Congratulations to our anonymous bidder! You have won the 1980 bottle of…

Posted by Lexington Humane Society on Tuesday, December 27, 2016



And finally, Steve Coomes at The Whiskey Wash put together a great look back at bourbon news of 2016. A lot happened and there’s a lot to be happy about!  : )

The Kentucky Bourbon Year That Was 2016