Crazy Cabin Fever Cocktails – Day 23 – April 29, 2020

#KYDerbyAtHome – variations on the Woodford Reserve Horse’s Neck & Old Forester Chrysanthemum Julep
(recipes below video)

Crazy Cabin Fever Cocktail Series with Distilled Living –
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Tim’s Woodford Reserve Horse’s Neck
• Peel a lemon in one long spiral.
• Coil the peel around a barspoon or serving spoon handle.
• Drop the peel into a Collins (highball) glass with end draped over the glass.
• Fill glass with hard ice.
Fill stirring glass with hard ice.
• dash Woodford Reserve Sassafras & Sorghum Bitters
• 2 oz Woodford Reserve
• top with ginger ale (we used Ale-8-One!)Stir gently to combine, then strain into serving glass.

Tim’s Old Forester Chrysanthemum Julep
Pre-chill coupe glass with soft ice (or hard ice and water).
Strip lower mint leaves and rub inside stirring glass. Fill stirring glass with hard ice.
• 3/4 oz Old Forester
• 1/4 oz simple syrup
• 0.5 oz French herb liqueur (original calls for Benedictine, we used Green Chartreuse)
• 1 oz Dry VermouthStir 60-90 seconds to combine.

Discard ice from coupe glass. Strain cocktail into coupe glass. Slap mint spring, drag through absinthe on a small plate, insert into glass. Serve.

NOTE – we DID miss the crushed ice but you would probably need a small margarita glass instead of a coupe to fit both the liquid AND the ice in one glass. This is a much better drink without the extra ice.