Crazy Cabin Fever Cocktails – Day 5 – March 19, 2020

DAY 5 – a Very Dirty Vermouth-Heavy Martini, Mulled Wine & Rum cocktail, and a Saffron Fashioned (recipes below the video)

Very Dirty Vermouth-Heavy Martini
1.5 oz Blue Heron (or other) vodka
1.5 oz dry vermouth
3/4 oz (ish) olive juice
Stir over ice
Strain into coupe or martini glass
Hard cheese-stuffed olive

Mulled Wine & Rum cocktail
3-4 oz mulled wine* (we made ours without cider or honey … skip the simple syrup if your mulled wine is already sweet)
0.5 oz simple syrup
0.5 oz Harvest (or other) rum
Stir over ice in glass

Saffron Fashioned
2-3 stems saffron
0.25 oz simple syrup
1.5 oz Bourbon (Wilderness Trail Single Barrel in this case)
Preferred: combine, let sit 10 – 30 minutes. Add ice and stir to chill.

* Mulled Wine – make & cool
1 bottle of red wine (fruity or cheap is fine here)
1 orange with cloves added to it (cut in half if you want to get more juice out of it)
1 apple (granny smith) sliced
1 cinnamon stick
some fresh nutmeg grated
Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes
Cool for the cocktail above