Derby & Keeneland 🐎🥃

Keeneland Spring/Fall Meet:

Authentic Kentucky entertainment for your private box guests or corporate outing. Learn about bourbon between races or as a unique whole group guided tasting before the first post.

Derby/Oaks parties:

The Kentucky Derby is a must-do event once in everyone’s life. It’s the most famous horse race in the world! Or maybe you just want a very lavish Derby watching party. Complete your Kentucky experience with a professional guided Bourbon tasting for you and your guests.

We offer education on the basics of Bourbon plus how to nose and taste like a professional. Our training is often the first time people can taste the nuanced flavors in Bourbons like caramel, vanilla, smoke, spice and fruit. Sometimes it will be the first time a guest actually truly enjoys bourbon!

If cocktails are more your style, we can help you and your guests learn the art of making a perfect mint julep. Yes, most people say they don’t like mint juleps – but most people have never had one make correctly! Despite having just five ingredients – mint, sugar, water, spirit, and ice – the Mint Julep is one of the most misunderstood (and often mis-made) cocktails.

We can teach you the techniques of proper muddling (press, don’t tear), use of sugar and ice, and how to select the correct Bourbon for your julep. If your friends love learning random facts and trivia, along the way we can talk about the history of the drink, from the earliest days of distillation in the Middle East to the development of Kentucky’s first breakfast cocktail. Yes, it was originally a breakfast cocktail!

And who better to learn from than someone who has made & served

$1,000 mint juleps at Churchill Downs before? 🐎😎

We come to you – whether you’re in a private home/Airbnb, or out at a local bar, restaurant or event venue.

Derby & Keeneland pricing:

Guided tasting experiences are for up to a four-hour experience (includes setup and tear-down time.) 

  • $575 during Keeneland Race Meet season (April & October)
  • $2495 during Derby Week (Derby is first Saturday in May)
  • Plus mileage outside of Lexington, KY.
  • Palate training tasting items (added to most Keeneland & Derby event tasting) adds +$2.50 per person.

1 • Standard Event FAQ

A letter of agreement & 50% retainer that applies towards your event secures you on our calendar. 

Often, I’ll set up a phone appointment so I can get to know more about what you’re looking for and find out about your wedding day just to make sure everyone is on the same page before requesting these. When it’s decided that you want to book, we’ll email an agreement for you to sign and an invoice for the retainer. These can be signed and paid for online or mailed with check. If you choose to send a check, please send it promptly because until the retainer is received, you are only penciled-in for that date.

Distilled Living does not carry a liquor license, so we are not able to provide the Bourbon. We can work with your venue or caterer if they are providing the alcohol or with the family if they are providing it. We can help with Bourbon selection and sourcing including vintage and rare products if requested.

We provide a certified Executive Bourbon Steward, which is usually Tim Knittel (subject to availability). We provide visual and aromatic tasting aids plus a mini-distillery display for the tasting table. We can also provide plastic sample cups plus tasting mats and written tasting guides upon request.

We can also provide culinary food pairings (provided as packaged food to comply with health department codes) or we can assist in having those provided through your venue or caterer.

You will need to provide the alcohol plus a table. Some couples also like to provide a memento of the Bourbon tasting experience like a gift mini-bottle or basket or an engraved Bourbon tasting glass.